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written for Math 696 Texas A&M, Summer 2015



(a binary input to LED output I designed to allow students to see the connection between binary logical operators and digital logic)



An incomplete list of my academic interests:

            Number Theory
            Abstract Algebra
            Logic and axiomatic systems
            Foundational issues in Mathematics
            Philosophy of Science and Epistemology           

            Wittgenstein and Philosophy of Language
            Philosophy of Mind
            Nietzsche and the Existentialist Philosophers

            Greek Philosophy, Language and Literature
            Latin American Literature


Unpublished papers and misc.

  1. Measure Theory and the Probability of an Infinite Sequence of Heads (pdf) (written as a research  project for Real Analysis, second semester)
  2. Oblong Numbers Representable as Sums of Two Squares and the Primality of 4u2 + 1 (just a write up of some of my own personal research)
  3. Q(P) and how it is different from the Reals (written as a research  project for Real Analysis, first semester)
  4. Another Proof of the Infinitude of Primes (just another way of proving what has been proven so many times, nothing special here)
  5. Mathematics Explorations for Ages 10 to 100: A Travel Guide to Math Discovery (by Fred Stevenson, illustrated by Kent Slinker)
  6. Illustrated Solutions to two problems in Real Analysis:
    (these are some problems I was assigned to present to my real analysis class, which I illustrated - maybe someone will find them useful)
    Problem 1: Showing a certain piece-wise defined function is non-integrable
    Problem 2: On what it means for a subset Rn to be separated.
  7. The Gauss-Seidel Method. An Iterative Approach in Solving Linear Equations Using Matlab
  8. Prime Fields and the Discrete Logarithm. A Tutorial with MatLab
  9. Markov and Leslie Chains. A Tutorial with Matlab.


  1. A Guide to Argument Analysis
  2. Sets. Basic Definitions, Operations, Theorems and Examples
  3. Categorical Propositions in Terms of Sets.
  4. Wittgenstein and Proust: Some Issues in Experience, Understanding and Meaning (excerpts from my M.A. thesis)
  5. If . . . then? An Introduction to Logic. (work in progress)  Part 1. Section 1, Section 2, Section 3, Section 4a, Section 4b


  1. The Mother, by Ciro Alegria (translated from the Spanish by Kent Slinker)
  2. The Sacrifice of Cocijo (translated from the Spanish by Kent Slinker)

(fun with lattice points in Z3- the points (x,y,z) represent
solutions to the equation x2 + y2 = z(z + 1), where y
has an upper bound determined by the value of  x
(click my paper,   Oblong Numbers Representable as Sums
of Two Squares and the Primality of 4u2 + 1

for more details)

Other Interests:

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